Music's Effect On Me


It’s the end of a long school day. I’m exhausted from having to take some sort of test for every class that I had. I walk quickly as I go down the street to my house, ignoring everyone that I pass. I feel worn down and I know just the cure to help me feel better. I need to get home! is the thought that runs rapidly in my mind. I hurry through the doors, say a quick greeting to my father and ascend the stairs towards my room. Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for! I plop on to my bed, pull out my iPod, slip my headphones over my ears and let the soothing music take effect. Music is my cure for everything. Whenever I’m upset, angry or even just happy, music is always there to make me feel great and keep me feeling great! Music lets me express myself without having to say anything at all. I was very young when I was first introduced to music. My father loves to play music all through the house. I was curious about the music that he played; I found every song that he played appealing and I wanted to hear more of them. One day I decided to sit down with my father and listen to music. We listened to it all night. He introduced me to different types of music and artists; the experience was mind-blowing! I also learned that night that music always had an impact on my father. Since that day, music has done the same for me. I cannot go a day without music; it’s addictive! My love for music has grown over the years and continues to grow every day.  Also with the help of my father, I continue to build my music library. I recognize almost every song that plays on the radio. My family jokes about how I am a walking jukebox! My music has helped me through good times and bad ones as well; and I ask myself everyday why music can’t help someone besides me. I am determine to pursue a life of music in hopes of having  a positive effect on a person, and maybe from my music they will be inspired to pass their music on as well; creating a never ending cycle of music. I will not stop listening to music, because it is my pride, my joy and my life. As I listen to my songs on my iPod, a smile stretches across my face; I am at peace, at home and in love with music. Play on!

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