The Clarinet

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 16:37 -- lobo360

Music. It can impact people make them feel.

It has the ability to project emotion.

Though not as much as the vessel through

which it is carried.


The tones it creates makes new and interesting textures.

not ones you can feel or see, but


can hear.


These sometimes don’t have any effect 

but for me they mean everything.

They make me who I am.


Because how everyone is unique

so is every instrument.

From strings to brass

percussion to woodwinds.

Each are characterized by how they sound.


Not by how they act.





When you play an instrument 

the person you once were seems to disappear.

To become replaced by some entirely new



One that does not care.

How they are viewed, 

or of what they are to society.

Instead they become whoever they 




No longer confined they can finally be 




Able to express emotion and thought through the instrument

from slow ballads to bold marches.

They are new every single time.


For those who cannot sense this freedom

of creativity and self-expression 

I feel sorry for

because they will never truly hear a freedom so sweet.



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