Morning Medicine

Waking up in a sunlight haze

Waking up in the suns embrace

It’s something I’ve come to know 21 years and yet I still feel low

There’s something special though about my morning mood

Something that’s solved by that simple etude

The scratch of the needle, the whir of the table, the crackle as my medicine begins.

Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, nothing works better than that guy on lead guitar

It brightens my mood like a smiling face, sometimes; I’m a dancer spinning in place.

I live for this, it’s in my veins, and not having it would drive me insane

As the shower hits my skin I smile and I grin as the symphony begins

For a moment I’m in 18th century Italy, one hour from now I’ll be visiting Germany.

The mood goes from dark to light, oh man I love this one it’s in A-flat right?

I look forward to this every sunny morning it’s my drug, it’s my nature, and it’s my coffee of the morning.

Without this medicine id be weak and bothersome in the morning thankfully for me it’s a permanent prescription

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