Michael's Story

Each kid proudly sang and the whole courtyard was filled with high pitched voices and laughter. Little bodies of deep tan skin, about twenty of them. Michael, the leader of the classroom.

Peeking after every word of his during lunch, he prayed for all the children with parents

around the world. During lunch, each child ate the food with gusto.

It was a delicacy.

As though they had never tried it despite them eating the same meal everyday.

I was fearful of volunteering for the first time.

I volunteered in a kindergarten in El Salvador and was fearful that I would not be accepted

However, each child showed support for someone who they had never met

Michael, told me his truth. His story.

Michael lived in a haphazard shack pieced together with scraps of roofing tin and wood which provides little protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, that was not the only obstacle he was going through in life because his father was in jail. Initially, I believed that he must have remorse toward his father but, he did not.

This is poem is supposed to be my fear. But I became fearless from the example of the children at Escuela Primaria, El Periquito .

This is Michaels story. My fear melted at the thought of me being fearful of irrelevant things.

I am thankful for everything I have been given at school and for everything I have However, this is not about me. This is about Michael.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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