My dear Velvetine was the richest Queen

No, not rich in gold but rich in life

She spent her last days before her

unexpected slumber dancing in the

Roaring Twenties

Swinging to the beat of the saxophone

Dancing her pains away till her sorrows

seemed to be no more

Who is Velvetine you may ask

or what does Velvetine even mean?

All questions left for me to ponder;

But still in all my years its sad to say that

I have yet to know or I may never know 

It's said that Velvetine's skin was soft like 

Velvet and anyone who dared to feel her was cursed

Cursed or a blessing

 I will never know

I just wish that before her life was taken I could've 

Touched her once, felt her silk succelent thighs

And been cursed for an infinite time.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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