Music's Secrets

Every lyric is like a symphony. It sings a secret melody. Behind the words lies the truth. But they are way up far beyond the roof. To find the meaning one must climb. Even though it may last till the end of time. At the top one shall see, in a box is a secret key. The key of life, the key of love. That unlocks the lyrics from heaven above. They each have a hidden story. Give them praise and they shall reveal their glory. With each having it's own rhyme, they shall reach our ears with a chaotic chime. Yet some lyrics teach one to make a hit list. But some teach one the glory of a pacifist. So what is the meaning behind a song? Rather it be short or long.... they each have a story to tell. Rather it be sung in a soft whisper or in a mild yell. Some Irish some Hispanic... some Italian nad some are frantic. Some music makes one smile, some makes one gloomy... But they all contain their own unique beauty. There is jazz; there is classical. And there is the great and mighty instrumental. Although jazz is relaxing.... instrumental is the most inviting. With each word having an untold story... All the words come together to creat a harmonious army. Big or small, there is a meaning for them all. Rather it be to soothe ones soul; or it be to release an unwanted troll. In the end they become one thing. Coming together to make a rhythmic ring.


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