Good Morning Death


Good morning death 

So nice to see  you. 

May I offer you some coffee, some tea, anything to impede you?

To constrain and detain the obligation that brings you?


Yes, I know the routine.  

Mrs. Williams? Down the hall.

Room 263.

Mr. Ralph? Room 4.

And Mrs. Lee? She's just right next door. 

And Death? Before you leave,

May I say goodbye to one?

Or two?

Or maybe all three?

They're families have been busy, its just life you see. 

Mrs. Lee she's a mother, and a grandmother of four! She'd love to see her grand-babies just once more.

And Mr. Ralph, his wife! She'll be here at three! She stops by everyday, just wait you'll see!

Oh, and Mrs. Williams! Her youngest daughter is getting married next week! The doctors assured her she would be there! Back on her feet!

Please sit! Do have some tea. Death you've come too soon, surely a mistake.

I will not let this happen! I cannot partake!

Hello silence. Yes, nice to see you too.

Please don't stay long, for you are the loudest tune.

One that wails the song of a life taken too soon.

Yes, I know you must go. That is fine with me.

But the song you sing remains when you leave.

The song of sorrow, it is whispered by the sheets.

Hummed by the walls, and then repeated when we meet.

Farewell death, I will see you soon. And the silence that follows,

The loudest tune.




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