All I Need

All I need

Is a sweet summer breeze

A melody singing in my head

A beat flowing through my body

Lyrics both clean and naughty

Neverending even in bed


A rhythm flows through me

An image we long to be

Music never stops

Life is music, with people and birds

Some sounds never heard


Through history music has been

It grows forever more, even from tin

A beat in the heart

Tempos may change

But nothing is strange

For music does not tear apart


All I need is a tune

To sing allowed in June

Songs of love and life

It survives all around us

In daily rituals, including thus

A marriage of man and wife


Music is all I need

To heal the pain and greed

Songs soothing souls

Music helps us rest

Keeping us at our best

Even more than cereal bowls


Music is life and love

Sometimes coming from above

Like falling water beads

I cherish every moment

A sound and word control it

For music is all I need

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