I've Changed; The New Me



Going to college, my Momma is proud,

“My son is successful,”

She can say it out loud.


High school was hard,

Not the smartest one

But now I’m a man,

My journey has begun.


There was always a time,

I thought I would fail,

I never gave up,

I knew I’d prevail.


Framing my future is hard, I can see

But music is my blood and history,

24/7 -365,

I have on my headphones,

And my ipod.


I see myself with artist and actors

My age and race,

Is not really a factor




Full Sail University

Here I come,

It’s time for some music,

It’s time for some fun.


Money and cars

Is not always the best,

At least I got pride, education, success


Music is my life

No need to tell you the rest,

I wanna be at the top,

The highest,

The best.


Music is my blood, and my history,

A music producer ….

That’s who I going to be.


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