The Music of the Night

Left and right,
The Music flows.
Forward and backward,
The Music slides.
Like the moon rises,
The Music falls.
Like the sun sets,
The Music rises.

As the stars twinkle,
The Chords burn.
As the moon waxes,
The Caesura wanes.
The skies darken,
As the Music lights.
The world cools,
As the Music warms.

The apex of the moon,
The building of the Piece.
The fading of the stars,
The clarity of the Band.
The moon falls,
The Music builds.
The sun rises,
The finale comes,
And the Movement ends.

As dawn breaks,
And the Piece ends,
We have this ambiguous moment,
A moment between Twilight and Day.
And this,
This moment,
Between Twilight,
And Day.

This is when the Music of the Night,

Truly Begins



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