My Dream Job


Music is something I have always loved.

Music and I, are like peanut butter, and jelly.

Like two peas in a pod.

Like ying, and yang.

You get my rift we just mesh well together.

Music is what inspires me.

Music has been the best friend that I could ever have.

When I cry music is there to lay on my shoulder.

When I'm happy music is there to be my biggest cheerleader.

What would I do without music?

Probably go insane.

As you can see music is dear  to my heart.

Why not turn it into a career?

Why not become a music journalist?

I think being a music journalist will work for me.

Like the saying goes,

"When you're doing something you love it doesn't feel like a job."

That is why my dream job is to be a music journalist.

I love to write and I love music.

What a perfect combo!

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