The Piano Player


As her fingers dance across the piano keys

I can hear her life story

Her loneliness from a lost love

It switches to anger then abruptly changes

To a jubilant tune

Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel flowing beneath the keys

Oh the sweet ivory saves her

It gives her something to live for


As she plays I find myself nodding along

I'm tapping my foot

One two three, two two three

Three two three, four two three

I count along with her

She catches my eye and smiles a tight smile

Then speeds up the tempo

The astosphere quickly becomes somber

As the ominous tone encases us


She slows down and leaves off on a happy note

It provides a false sense of security

As the last note resounds through the buliding

Everything is silent then it errups into appaluse

We stand at the same time

I catch her eye again but it is just my reflection

The piano player is just me


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T. Talbott

Really good, love the twist at the end.

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