Music tells a story

Just because you stop listening

doesn’t mean it ends

Others hear the words

the ones you deny

Though to you it may only be noise

the sound, the language

the rhythm

It speaks, it moves

Creates heartbeats

and slows the pace of falling tears

It shapes smiles, dulls pain

Music is medicine

for the body and the soul

We are new when we hear classics

We are family when we hear the sound

Music brings the world

though separated by many miles

and cultures, and people

It brings us together

All to one heart, one place

And those footsteps created a new rhythm

A new song to hear

And finally when we converg, we hear it

Because the time has com

for us to tell our story with our music

And may our voices never be silent



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world




I have a student who made a film based on your poem.  We absolutely love the poem and the video that she made.  We would like to know if we could have you permission to enter her video, which uses your poem, into a video competition?  



I am absolutely honored that your student used my poem for her video! You have my full and enthusiatic permission to use enter the video in the competition! I am so glad that she liked my poem that much and I greatly appreciate you asking permission before entering the video. Is there any way that I could see the video? I'm interested in her creativity and how she visualized it. Thank you again! And wish her luck for me!

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