Sat, 06/22/2013 - 21:21 -- Salem53


Notes are harsh and scores, unfeeling. 

They suggest that music's only 

noise, or simply ink on paper.


But it's more than beats and pitches, 

more than circles on a page. Music 

is the evidence of life; a resonance 

of who we are, and a breath

that keeps the world alive.


So painstakingly I write these notes

like turning thoughts to words, but 

I won't give up music for notes. 

I'll keep resounding because 

life is too precious to 

not make music.



I really like how in this poem you describe how when reading notes on a page, not all of our senses are used. Instead of hearing and feeling the music, without sound, the notes are just read on a page. This relates to poetry too, which is meant to be spoken and heard and not just read on a page. Have you ever performed this poem at a poetry slam? I think if you made a video or voice recording of yourself reading the poem it would really depict the message your words get across. Check out the Resources section for ideas about making multimedia poetry!

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