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The evolution has changed drastically.
First there were role models, then there were icons
But now a red sole defines one as her majesty.
From the likes of Sojourner to Rosa
To now as prestigious as Michelle Obama
Yet they are thrown on the backburner due to television drama.

The essence of woman has changed
And there are quite a few things to blame.
The intelligence she speaks no longer defines her
But rather what is below her neck and on her backside guides her.
The bus she sat on to get her point across is no longer of importance
But to sit courtside at a basketball game is her dream of getting courted

Bad is the new good
Though is it too good to be true?
Does a degree make a woman bad too?
Does possessing leadership skills make a woman bad too?
Or does she need the latest Giusseppe’s to be in the “bad” crew?
Or as I would like to call it, the sad crew.

So many fought for us to be recognized and have rights
But obviously some women do not respect the fight
And all those morals and values have gone out the window overnight
The evolution of women is still being evolved
To be a leader, classy, and a woman of intelligence overall
Though the direction it is headed is solely a woman’s call


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