Sweet unscripted blues

Sun, 06/26/2022 - 08:39 -- Creator

Dissolving in your blues, alloying affection, nice luster of cream

Tongues part paths, eyes see seas through 

while stars scream sweet twinkling beauty 

our hearts hold high horse each hour 

Young dynamic and climatic ecstasy travel through 

Mined by unique fine time of romance blossoms

Each matter tour towers to reignite

music, taste, texture, treasure, time, and audio ratio


Earth’s skies are young again at the seam of gleam

Pleasure chants tunes from love blind melodies and clues 

Tripping through our bodies as planets in frenzy fruity superfluity

minuting peaks of yearns on minute minutes fructify our flower

Love sweeps through 

teasing fleeting erotophobia and Philophobia buss their pogroms

trusting ancient acute thrust of lady and knight’s delight

arching tender pulse of ratio and universal embryonic radio.


Our love is lost between strings to the brim

words unsaid in haute heat and blue

pumping tickling ticking perfect pleasures of fluty poetry

and life is at it again with glorious rain to gain uncensored summer

when sky will be sea; rain—gems; and stars — sand anew

Love will remain in portals of high wombs and spirited bosoms

unnumbered legendary orbits we are tonight 

Having heaven funneling through us like mellifluous arpeggio.



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