My one day dream job #onejob


My dream job would be to own a philanthropic missionary comapny. I would love to be the CEO of a world wide company that builds houses, shares the gospel,  and feeds and clothes the poor. It would be called PMC and it would be open 24/7 in almost every country that needed or wants help. whether it be a third world country, a natural disaster, or a recession, I want to help those in need while sharing Gods awesome message at the same time. 


God is love

God is light

He keeps the peace all throught the night.

his children keep coming through

to his everlasting kingdom

and His promise stands true

for angels they all will become.

but before they fly away, 

Laya will be htere to show them the way.

the way is long, the way is hard

but we can get through this together 

with God as our body gaurd. 


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