Love Life Dream

love a first sight is like a light  from a dark cave

your heart beats faster cause your loneliness is saved

in your mind you want to call her babe

you want to hold her hand underneath the shade

but truth be told

you a shy guy

cant even say "hi" when your eye to eye

"talk to her man" that is what you say

your heart keps beating every single day

it beats louder and louder like a drum everytime you see her

"i should go talk to her, naw maybe later"

your love for her goes crazy and cant be tamed

you told her

you love her and felt ashamed

she started to giggle

now you dont feel so lame

the two of you started to talk

your confidence grew taller than a beanstalk

then after a while you finally told her

you love her

she turned to you and said

"lets be more than friends, lets be lovers"


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