The Symphony

I never thought myself

to be

someone with the dents and grooves

of a chronic smiler

The skin was always smooth

never broken by happiness

until you filled me up

with the hills and valleys

of your melody

No matter what I am feeling

the greatest joy or despair

you are there for me

pulsing in my ears

in my soul

You are music

You are air

You are the engine

to my ticking time bomb

And when I explode

you will carry me away

in all the glorious colors in which you paint the world

And while some people breathe

I listen

to the symphony 

you have created in my heart

giving me hope in the darkest crevices of my soul

Because without you?

Without you I would never know 

the happiness in pain

the smile in my tears

the hope in the shakiest of breaths

as you lift your voice

and carry me home


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