Musical Medicine


Now that summer is all done

I must say goodbye to fun

Right? Wrong. It’s all just begun


My senior year will be a blast

I’ll try not to let it go too fast

I’ll spend time with the best of friends

And create memories that don’t end


When I look back on myself

I’ll be glad I’m no one else

I’m happy being me

Being yourself’s what makes you free.   


And I find myself in music

I know just how to use it

It’s my most effective medicine

“Thanks for the phonograph, Mr. Edison!”


One more year of English

One more year of Math

Just one short year left

Then I’m on my own path


Soon I’ll get to study

Practice, see, and learn

My one true passion

That I will always yearn


I am so excited

I have come so far

I have found myself

Through playing the guitar


So there’s no reason to dread

The unknown that lies ahead

Be yourself, and happiness will always fill your head


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