My Love for the Day

Why, hello Day! I've been expecting you.
I endured a long process waiting for you.
I wrote a song last night and I'd like to show someone,
I thought you'd take forever and spoil the fun.

I woke up and hour early so I wouldn't have to rush,
I'm actually quite early to catch the school bus.
And so I'm on my way, headed to school,
As soon as I arrive I wait in line for my morning girl.

I wore my nice shoes today,
I hope I stand out and look cool today,
Because see, I wrote a song last night,
And I politely wait for a chance in the spotlight.

Finally it's lunchtime and I gather all my friends,
And squeal with delight, "I wrote a new song again!"
I'm awarded with smiles and a couple of high fives,
I'm glad that I waited and had patience throughout the night.

And this is why I look forward to the day,
The attention I recieve, I'd have it no other way.

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