Everyday Morning Blues

every day, wake up early.

every day, eat a tiny breakfast.

everyday, leave for work.

Sometimes late.

Sometimes early.

Never happy about it. 

Get home


Think about the things that make me happy:

saxophone, guitar, bass, school, exercising. 

but instead of doing those I have to prepare for the next work day. 

Day after day

Week after week

Month after month

I could not do anything but work and feel like I was wasting my life

on something that was not who I am. 




for the day I could be a student again.

Working every day made my heart and soul ache more than I thought I could feel.

All just from being away from being a music student.

Making me empty. 

Making me despair waking up.

Making me wish I never grew up.

It was only a year

that felt like an eternity.

Feeling frustrated for fooling myself.


January has come.

Classes have started.

Every day, wake up early.

Every day, go to the gym.

Every day, eat a bountiful breakfast.

Every day, Practice an hour before class. 

Every day, improve.

Nothing now can stop me.

I learned misery does not last forever.

It is darkest before dawn.

Now I am a whole new person than I was yesteryear,





Give me your best 2017

because you are certainly getting mine.


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