'The Dangling Conversation'

Dear Simon and Garfunkel,


You are something I never understood.

A riddle not to be answered, a question

left to dangle.


You seemed so happy. Smiling

in those album covers, but

those a mere illusion into

the truth, a badly kept

Secret. Simon and Garfunkel

were in constant conflict.




It never made sense.

How could people who,

together, create songs

that strive to understand

the most basic parts

of being human. Voices

melding together and

fitting like pieces of a puzzle;

something that makes

a thing even more beautiful

then the pieces alone ever



Perhaps, it’s not my place.

Perhaps, some things are

better left unsaid.


I just want to say,

whatever happened between

you, I hope you forgave

each other. I think once

you were close friends.

Then the pressure to succeed

mounted and snapped the last

thread that held your




People, like me, still listen

and appreciate the things

you made.

I just wish that

you would have made

them together,

like it should have been.



A Fan

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