Her Lullaby


There is a certain lullaby

that floats through the air in spring

with its bright, vibrant colors

and cool, gentle bliss

the lullaby is the song

that Mother Nature sings

in her warm, breathy way

promising summer

to all the yawning newborns

and her voice floats through the trees

like one's might through a flute

rustling and wrapping around

the iridescent blooms

and thick, green leaves

warming you while humming

"Go to sleep."


There is a certain song

that is wailed in late autumn

when the eye-popping reds, yellows, and oranges

lay curled up brown at your feet

it is Mother Nature's warning

to the great animals and beasts

to feast one last time

and hunker away from the cold

and her rough, scratchy voice

rakes against the bare branches

as a broken bow

might screech against an untuned violin

sending the last clinging leaves

rattling to the ground

and telling her beloveds

"Go to sleep.  Spring will come."



I love all the figurative language and details!


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