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As you start to rise, success can come at a fatal price,the risk outweights the chance of a changing life,As each day passes its once step forward or stay behind.... I remind myself of the things i seen, with the cautious thoughts of that could have been me,but i guess G.O.D kept me S.A.F.E,As I stay airborne in my dreams ,I carry so many mistakes on my sleeve,When I admit it it helps me breath,I stay concious to the fact that so many were forced to leave,as their souls lay resting and deceased,Its a reminder that I am still here,Blessed with the chance that I can still achieve,As for my audience please enlighten your heart to share the same beliefs,We are all human,Most of us talk to much,without the motivation to prove it,Whether its vocal or in your head,action is the only method that can get you ahead,your future could be your friend,instead you treat her as a threat,66 years old and now you live in regret,Old age is nothing but living life on a thread,Attracted2Action, Mr. Well Said.

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