Psst! Did You hear that?


What is that sound,

that seems so old, but yet still new?

A musical note from a different hue.

A tone that sharply cuts through,

the blues inside your heart.


But still, what is that sound?

If I say it's my voice, that's quite true,

But yet nothing was actually spewed.

Oh, then it must be from some zoo,

But yet there weren't any in view.


So, what is that sound?

That seems to stick like a tattoo,

fresh like a debut,

infectious like a flu,

eternal like an immortal jew,

and angelic like



With a sound so withdrew,

that can only be heard by a few,

Why does it seems there's

this sense of deja vu?

Oh, wait, it seems that my mind just came  through,

for this is the sound of my heart beating.

Beating, for you.



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