Reckless in the face of destruction

Hey you!

Yes you!

The one with the rhinestone eyes.

Take me on your magic rocket-ship and fly me off to Mars.

I know that's where you're from.

Take my hand and pull me close so we can't tell one skin from the other.

Yours shimmers green in the lunar glow.

Hey you!

Yes you!

The one with too much sunshine in your step.

Bring your coral lips to mine and we can mumble sweet somethings till the

sun don't shine no more.

Rock me in your arms so I fall from the sky.

Love me sinful so we can break up everything but us.

Hey you!

Yes you!

The one whose words survive apocalypse.

Thrum you burning timber down my spine so I can know you're there.

Press down my droll objections and hold my hand so I don't float away.

Surprise me till my face turns to rubble.

Perfect porcelain features.

Hey you!

Guess who!

The fire-breaking dragon in your pocket.

Wrapped around your little finger and settled down in your higher reasoning.

Tuck me deep into your heart so I can grow.

Take me with you where you go so you can hear my quiet coaxing voice screaming,


Hey you!

Yes you!

You know who you are.

I think I've lost my mind but maybe it found you.

When we land they'll arrest us and take away our photographs but it's worth it's weight in


Hold me closer cause you hear the footsteps getting closer

Don't cry, don't make a fuss, and just be free.




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