Going back in time,


this time is modern history, death in the synergy,

craft a blind language,

deaf calligraphy,

this place is the place where you make a step to make break, give back what you can’t take,

segregated taste in the way we cook and bake, dark chocolate being sold separate from frosted flakes.

Don’t dream but achieve, perceive, tame sin, smile, don’t grin, the population is filled with dogs looking for a bone to pick, don’t be an animal be the master with a pack of pits, slip, drip, look at the blood falling from the wrists of every kid.



Your art is innocence and deliverance. Save the world from colorblind ignorance, deliver a hit and not a miss, don’t take no shit, resist, the time is now for you to speak against the brainless, nameless famous degenerates of this generation. Look past the temptation, put down your main tools of aggressive persuasion, write now what you thought right now, you’re a bigger person now, a lion with a roar is no longer a cat with a meow, look what you found, yourself in sound, profound, every word is a verb and no longer a pronoun,

in the midst of the things you spit the hate drowns,

you’re you if you believe it’s true,

your heart is bombarded with emotions but your heart is made of tissue,

no matter the problem you can handle the issue.

Who made the choice to do great things,

it’s you.

They said you’ll be great when pigs fly well swine flu, prove everyone wrong.

Get up and do a set for more than two,

this is life in plain black and white with a mix of red yellow and blue,

pigment within the all of you.

Color blind.

We the people are you.


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