Lake Huron

Am I alone? The only wanderer.

Drift wood in a sea of rain drops

Flowing with the breeze

Against the waves as they flow


Is this it? Watching the sun set

A mosaic on the horizon

Is this the best it will get?

Did I miss my chance? My hope?


The shore has been gone for so long

I’ve forgotten how it felt

How the sand felt on my toes

Just how it made me feel


How it made me feel to know

To actually know things would be ok

That I would be ok.

That we would be ok.


I don’t know much of anything anymore

Just fear and how much it can take

It can take everything and anything

Like it took you and your smile


I can’t help but think how old it all is

How old I’ve become and my heart.

The waves churning like clouds

How much of it had been tears?


How many more years?

How many centuries have you seen?

Washed away the memories of time

Stories and scars long forgotten


Why do they call you fresh water?

There is nothing fresh about your depth

Nothing fresh about your secrets

Just the way you refresh the shore


Wash away what’s better forgotten

Wash away my eyes, my hands

Take me far away. Far from the earth

There’s nothing left here for me


Haunted by the ghosts of your laugh

Searching for a path without you

What am I supposed to do? Alone.

Give me back to the sea

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