Hear we've played The Musical Keys
That Wrote down the Symphony
For the translation of the me in you
and the confiscation of the you in me 

Every Note Played in Stroke
With the Caress
of Just Believe 

The song itself
Spoke more then we Spoke
And intensified the Romance
with every 
Broken Need

In Attempt to write 
the Instrumental
The sheet Was written
In Pencil Lighter and fluid
Like the fire
We Knew it
.The Music Plays 

Hear we've played
the musical Keys
That wrote down the Symphony
to the end of you in me

The lyrics they ring
In the Heart of some Thing
Developed by a Metronome of sorts
In the Recording
we're reminded of tables turning 
Played over and over 
til It is death 
We are adorning 
Yet under the Bridge we Roll
to mind the Gap
between Complete Lack 

The symphony Tones and Bends
at the loss of a finale
an End
The Critics watch and Rape
the Tape
And the Symphony 
scratches Tameless tune
It plays again without

The Beatof two. 


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