Ode to a Sailing Ship (free verse/song)


I watch from the balcony

She's sitting there surrounded by the sea

The ebb and flow swallow

Her vision of me

There's a crowd around her

Yet she's still lonely

Everything is so clear

I can tell she doesn't want me near

Sweet siren take your advice from me

Dive right into the depths and see

The lonely hermit you've been shunning

I'm on a high rise now

Taller than you'll ever be

This is the last time

I wait for someone who ignores me

So unappreciated

Never again will I go unrewarded

You've never given me

A symbiotic stake in this

You say you don't deserve me

You're right

Now the waves are calm

The sky is serrated,

But the ocean's soft

So I shall crawl back under my rock

waiting for one who will set this right

And hiding from those who detest my sight

With that said,

I'm leaving you behind

Rust within the depths where you reside

A statuesque figurine

Covered in algae

Please dissolve, darling



Nice imagery!  A very captivating verse

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