breakup fake up

falling in love is like an angel has descended from above

to grant your every wish, you placed on top of your christmas and birthday list

you waste all your money and time on them cause to you their your dime

everything's picture perfect , y'all friends say your otp and goals 

when you both are together you ignore the scowls you get from the haters and fakers

wearing matching outfits and posting on snap "winning and twinning"

got matching diamond bracelets and they glistening 

foreal you was in love with this guy 

he made you feel like you were the only girl in the world and replacement 

was never an option cause he always said you was poppin

when you saw him your heart jumped and thumped 

thinking as his did the same too

but you were unknowingly fooled,

then as your sweet-smelling,

candy giving,

her life was something worth living grandmother

would tell you as a young girl

"all good things come to a end"

that quote would linger in the back of your mind not knowing 

your boyfriend would say the same-thing

it feels as your whole world has stopped 

as a child your bubble has been popped

or you've received a million cuts to the heart 

or you missed the ride for noah's arc 

eventually you settle back in this depressing thing called reality 

and you've been hit with a fatality 

he says it was great while it lasted and smiles

but you feel like you been placed in a casket 

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Wow. This is so real and true. I love the tone change and the way you tell your story. Stay strong


😢 sad but chin up, there are so many good guys out there.  Hugs 


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