My Dream Job

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 13:34 -- 237keys

I would love my job if were to become a professional musician and play with a professional Worship and Praise team. Currently  I am the leader of my church's Worship and Praise team in East Los Angeles. Our name is W.A.V.E., which stands for "With a Vision of Eternity." We have a vision to be not just the ordinary church band. We do everything with our best, creative effort in order to impact the lives of people and simply just to worship and praise God. My dream would be for my church band to go professional and eventually expand our church and our ministry. I want to be able to do projects to reach out to many people with our music. I want to produce and create original albums with my band. I want to be able to learn multiple instruments, but most importantly I want to become the must utilized instrument God can use to reach out to those who need His love.


Zacharias Meints

Love this!

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