The Rapture

Buckets of rain poured down from the sky,
as though the angels wept, mourning what was to come.
I found myself lurking outside at school,shrouded in a black hoodie
I prayed to cease existing.I looked up from the pavement as silence turned to screamsThe very air crackled with terror.
To my shock and my delight-
the rain had turned to blood.
A ghoulish grin split my features,
I broke from the crowd, 
hood falling as I stared at my morbid reality. 
I ascended the curb like a girl of great stature,
descending daintily from a carriage.
The folds of black that I'd shrouded myself in
fell away, to reveal pale, scarred arms.
The crimson fell like rose petals around me, 
spattering the pavement with sickening beauty.
The screams of alarm had faded to silence,
like a shout into a void,
The alarm and disgust plain in their faces,
as I began to dance.
I saw their fear, their shock, their disgust-
written clearly on their exoressions.
But I just laughed and peeled off my skin.
I felt a great surge as I threw off my flesh,
my burden, for so long-
Morality detaining me
in a life I didn't want.
My bones exposed to the air, 
I stood free.
For the first time since I was born, I felt alive.
I could tell by their confusion they were ignorant for what this was,
Judgement day.
A stab of pity for them dulled away-
some had fallen to the ground, weeping from fear.
Death could be a terrifying prospect-
for those who had a life worth living.
All at once the wind howled around us,
the piercing wail of a child sounding in place of rushing air.
More fell to theor knees, unable to speak, too mortal to comprehend.
All pity for them was forgotten,
as fire descended from the sky.
A chorus of screams filled the air as I danced through the flames,
my bare bones clicking together.
I watched their flesh melt like wax,
felt the europhobia rushing through me.
Soon I would be nothing at all-
simply shards of charred bone.
I would have the painless oblivion I'd begged for all these years.
The adrenalin swept over me, then,
my laughter echoing as I leaped. 
The flames caused no pain, 
though my pearly white bones had already begun to blacken-
to match my mottled, marred soul.
The lack of pain confirmed what I'd known for a long time-
I was never really human at all.


This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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