Ode to Broadway

Standing on your walkway gives me chills,

Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare.

And the performances through the cheery nights

Gives me a high I’ve never experienced before.


Every morning in the crack of dawn

Your thespians arrive and start practicing their roles.

Rehearsing and crushing every brilliant move,

They can feel the rhythm in their souls.


When the curtains close

And the audience gives its last round of applause,

I’d nearly shed a tear

Thinking about what I just witnessed.


You rob the sky of its wondrous stars.

Them yearning for their hearts’ passions

And you fulfilling them,

In a dreamy daze that lifts their subdued spirits.


From playhouse to the main theatre,

The multihued lights of Broadway burn

All gay and gleeful within,

Brightening up peoples days as they stroll past.


Hearing the executant straining their own vocal chords

To please the crowd of attendees scrutinizing,

Making them feel like their in a trance.

Causing them to sway and oscillate in their seats.


Words fail me whenever I think of you

Leaving me speechless and dumbstruck,

Always a protected thought when you come to mind,

You will always be a safe place in my heart.


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