Murmurs of Me


Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. 
Like nymphs,they tug and pull at me and my heart strings,
endeavoring to draw out my playfulness. 
Swooping around, swiftly touching down,
 their feet gracefully caressing the water.
My eldest and greatest joy, singing with them,
cannot be lost nor measured. 
Though often docile, the peaceful melodies become hostile 
and I feel them burning, 
boiling my insides, 
nymphs, no longer present. 
The sweet sounds plead with me to let them escape
 and their passion overwhelms me. 
They shake the glass case that they have been packed in
 and I realize that I must let go,
let the flood burst from my mouth and into the great unknown,
 a piece of my soul seeping out. 
As taxing as it may be, I would not freely sever myself from this part of my being.
It is my life force, my identity, and all I desire for it is to grow, for I grow with it. 
Family and friends have praised the gift but do not pretend that without hard work,
nothing will come to fruition in this realm. 
I must continue on to strengthen myself. 
Wealth is not of consequence. 
I live to let the light emanate from within and show gratitude to those who will not pretend that exertion is not in the equation. 
And though I have been afraid, dismayed,
 and have wished that I could have stayed in my dismal plane of comfort and safety,
 the music calms me and I discern that the journey to the thousandth step begins with one.     


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