Not Knowing (True Story of My Friend)

He never saw the point
All he ever wanted was to kick, push,
And coast at a skating joint
Never did he saw the purpose of the tune
Thought the black and white is simply doom
Pressing these musical keys in his room
He was young, not seeing the fun
He just wanted to run
Riding on these four wheels under the sun
He was young, not knowing what these keys
And his fingers, together has done
He was young, not knowing that
Something unique had begun
Not knowing that his left hand creates harmony
While the other compliments with melody.
Yet he couldn’t see
Family and friends
Be telling him
He has a gift indeed
That he can do so much on them keys
But he disagrees
Only wish to skate cuz it kept him free
Nothing could stop him
But hemophilia robbed him
Stole his freedom away
Doctor said he can no longer skate
So he was depressed
Felt a post-dramatic stress
But he kept giving these keys a press.
Not soon after, he discovered
Something rather
Extraordinary, that mattered
Sounds of unique frequency
Created electronically
This noise was his talent
A choice with possibilities
Beyond what he’ll ever imagine
A passion hit him
Frustration ripped him
But on those black and keys,
He be killin’em
Killin’ the show
Doing something he knows
That has his flow
Looking like a pro with his fro
Everybody knows his gifted hands
Conjuring the sounds on his commands
Golden fingers of his are grand
Conflicts he must beart it
The future’s in his mind
His creativity is one of a kind
With a name that will soon to be known
He’s seeing that this art is his to forever own


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