You ask me this question

   and I fire back, Why?

If you knew me

   you'd know this

So don't ask me to lie.

I'm not like other kids

   who want friends or family.

I'm not like other kids

   who love their own body.

I'm not like other kids

   who have a damn life!


I'm a musician

   a poet

      a lover of the arts.

My brains keep me alive

   in this elaborate farce.

Left out, cast out, made to be alone,

It's my music that holds me and warms my bones.

Without it be gone,

   whisked into "normality".

But I plan to rise,

   away from this brutality.


God, can't you see me?

I'm beaten and broken

   but I still get up.

If you still don't know

   take a drink from my cup.

Music keeps me sane

   so don't question my song.

In a few years your major key will go all wrong,

Twists and turns turn sharp or flat

   you never cared about the meaning of that.


Life is a song, so make it your own

A verse, a chorus, a rocking bridge

Get your eyes out of that goddam phone!

You miss so much of life that way.

Can't you hear what I'm trying to say?

The chords, melodies, harmonies of life

   missed by your electronic knife.

Life is more than sex and money

   don't you want someone to call you Honey?


If you still don't get it

   let me spell it out.

Or maybe I won't 

   I see your doubt.

But when the world goes to hell

I'll ring the bell.

This is my stage

   and I'll play as I please.

I don't want your

   blinding disease.

This life is precious, so believe it true

And take some time for music too.


Your life's a melody

   each chapter a verse.

Your friends bring harmony,

   but then it gets worse.

Music needs tension

   it'll soon release

I forgot to mention

   you're in a major key.

Sing your song strong

It'll all be well

You never know how lon–


No, that's right

   our time isn't indefinite.

So sing, play, laugh, live, LOVE

   with all your might. 

Dont hurt, don't cry

   you all have something great.

You're all so much more than society's bait.


Do you see now

   why this is so much more?

This is my lifeblood,

   my center, my core.

I'm not living your lie

As long as I have music

   I know I'll never die.

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This piece is also published on my Wattpad account under the same username, MNSeifried. I posted it in my collection after I submitted this work here.

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