The World of Jazz


Hear those trumpets scream and shrill
Hear that bass so cool and chill
Listen to the trombones sliding
Back and forth
and forth and back
Listen to the saxes how sultry they sound
and how their bells curl up
Open up your ears to the
Drum set and auxiliary
How they go
and Doo-Ba-Doo Crash!
Feel that beat of counts 2 and 4 in your feet
Feel your heart beat along with the bass drum
Now pay attention to the vocalist
How she skits
and she skats
Daht! Daht! Daht!
And just when you think the song is gonna end
The dynamic gets soft and..
BAM! Goes the big band
How sweet and dandy are the pianist's chords
They sound just as beautiful as the vocalist's words
The groove goes on and it's comin' to an end
And now for the grand finale...
The last note with
Every horn blasting
With a deep rich sound
But wait a minute- not the trumpets
They're wailing from the top of their lungs
With a sound so high
It'll make your soul wanna fly
and cry,
and scream,
and shout!
And infinitely applaud the jazz band
Without a doubt.


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