Making Music

Musical minds

Border a fine line between delinquent and divine.

Find the time 

To flow with the despised,



Nature of a different kind. 

Connect with the disconnected.

Break it down

With the break-necks,

The neck breakers,

The unrelinquished


The punk rocks,

The bling clocks,

The Electric Wizards,

The Herbie Hancocks.

The Bitches Brewers,

The bluegrass,

The Cosmogrammas,

The resonating bluesers. 

To the Low End Theory, and to Mr. Green,

I salute. 

We are ones worthy

Of whimsical wonder,

Whether sampled, synthesized, or beautifully blundered. 


As I press record,

Smiling in anticipation,

I hang up my ego in the closet.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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