Oh Music of Mine

Music is my life

Music is my safe haven

And if I never have anything else, I have music

I have my voice to sing a song, fingers to tap a beat, limbs to do a dance


Music is not subjected to one genre,

And neither are we.

My music is a representation of myself,

And your music, of you.


Music's possibilities are endless and forever more, so

There is a song for even the most complex person.

A song that is like seeing your reflection, hearing your stroy, witnessing your life- magic. 


When there are no words to match my mood, 

Cresendo, decresendo

Staccato to legato;

Italian phrases will go hand-in-hand with my emotions. 


My life is music

My safe haven is music

I have music if I never have anything else.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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