Because I love you, 

I see things through a new filter.

Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter,

and every touch feels like satin against my skin.


Because I love you,

Love feels tangible.

I don't feel like I'm chasing a dragon

that I never get to touch.


Because I love you,

It doesn't matter how long or dark

the tunnels are.

You are right there,

flashlight in one hand

and my hand in the other.


Because I love you,

I've written songs with the angels 

to give to you

when your calloused hands 

play me like your bass. 


Because I love you,

Every moment is precious; captured:

photographed, and captioned,

“with love, us”.


I didn't think these feelings were real,

or even possible.

I didn't think that you existed. 

All of a sudden my words belong

to someone else. 

My voice rings, for the pleasure of your ears.

My smile beams,

because I know it will make you smile too.

I am better,

because I love you. 

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