Every car ride

Music on the radio

Filled my ears,

And every day

Music of my own

Filled my free time.

I wrote,

Song of happiness, songs of sorrow.

I wrote for myself,

For my friends;

I dreamed of writing for my career.


My hobby, my mentor-

It taught me creativity.


Cello came next.

Practice very day,

Lessons every week,

Performances every year;

Lots of rules,

Lots of techniques,

Lots of exhausting days

Playing the same song

Over and over.


My labor, my mentor-

It taught me hard work.


I started guitar.

I learned a few chords,

I learned a few songs,

And began to sing:

Harmonies, melodies,

All came so naturally




My expression, my mentor-

It taught empathy


Football season became marching season.

25 pounds

Carried around

A field.

To others, it seemed strange;

To me, it seemed amazing

That 125 students

Could form pictures on a field

And invoke feelings

From the ensemble we played.

One drum,

Many practices,

Lots of exhaustion,

But the smile on our faces

When we recieved our rating

Made it all worth it.


My passion, my mentor-

It taught me Determination


Hard work


And I couldn't be more grateful for my mentor.




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