My Song Will Never Stop... <3

Open eyes, open heart

Never let the world tear me apart

Hold my soul and my spirit,

Because the end will come I can feel it

Take my time down the road

Cause it'll quickly go cold

Seems like this soul won’t grow old

But this body won’t let it show

So I'll know who I am before its too late

Because this body has a due date

Even when this soul moves on

Will I know I'm really gone?

Follow my heart, love my life,

Till it comes down to that last night...

But no I won’t say that it’s the ending

Simply because it’s a new beginning

Crossing over as a fresh soul in a new life

While beginning the first day of my last night

The process of becoming this new soul,

It’s harder for the ones you love is what I know

We’ll come and go

Sounds easy but it's painful I know

We come into this world as a love one

So when we part it feels undone

It’s like when we go, mentally we never leave

So once they're gone it’s hard to believe

It hurts so bad that the eyes, soul, and heart leak

In the beginning it’s hard to speak

Simply because memories won’t delete

Too painful to breath, to love, to laugh; a daily repeat

So life takes you down a pain filled trail

Unable to feel joy only sadness and hell

Hoping to one day forget it all and move along

But the pain inside is far too deep and way too strong...

Just know my love that I am not far gone

I am right by your side always singing my joyous song…


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