This is Everything

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 13:28 -- Jikanis


When I think,
I think in poems–
The rambling words in my brain
slowly converge into reasonable structures
as thoughts and connections become real.

When I feel,
I feel in colors
and because I see music as color
I feel in music–
Right brain concepts for a right brain function,
which, until a few years ago,
existed only as words.

I was numb.
I felt in black and white,
and saw music in that way, too:

Black and white on the page,
a study in intervals, muscle control, and technique–
It was empty.
So many times I thought
“Why does this matter?”
“What does this do?”
And so many times I glared at myself
and said, “This is everything.”

I gazed back puzzled. Though I knew it was true,
I didn’t know why.
Then, I looked up at the Starry Night sky,
felt dewy grass between my toes,
tickling laughs in my ears,
and the stars told me a story:

They’d watched over humanity since day one;
They taught us how to dance with their twinkling light.
They heard the first drum beats,
the first rhythmic calls and responses.
And they told of the first humans to watch,
and listen,
and wonder at the world around them–

At the dewy blades of grass, long gone,
but the substances that made them
still on Earth, live on:
their tiny particles vibrate as strings,
and as they come together,
matter resonstes and sings.
As matter reflects some light and absorbs the rest,
Everything holds its colors inside,
then shows the world its best,
And everything has a song–


Everything is a song.
It’s the truth hidden in plain sight,
all along. I knew the truth,
But I couldn’t understand what it meant,
Until I heard the song with my heart,
And felt the dew with my skin.


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