Heart Beat



Echoing Pulsing  Changing

My eyes are closed

My breath is deep

My chest is shaking

I envision something

a butterfly

wings flapping in slowmotion like a cheesy scene in a movie

but flapping to a beat

not the shit that is sung

by boys who are mad at life

by girls who wear too much eyeliner

but not boring music

music filled with life



music with the power to change the world

one note at a time

other people explaining things the way you never could

being able to put your emotions into words

and sing them loud and proud

like nobody can hear them

and it's just them in the world

just themno

body else

any fucks to give?


there's no way to describe

how one song can make you want so many things

a soft touch

a comforting hug

a warm blanket

the sound of a crackling fire spitting

and licking at a log

how a band can be your best friend

and a song like a touch across whatever

distance may separate them from us

there are so many things

that can be described with music




but my favorite thing

that can possibly be conveyed

whether it's through the screaming of guitar

or the steady heartbeat of drums




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