Flawless? I've never used the term to describe myself. With some wealth and  good health, that is all that I thought was flawless. I was always fat and wore hats to cover my forehead; always embarrased when someone joked about my where my family stays. "Y'all live in the white folks neighborhood, right?", as if my color should of kept me out of a place. Embarrased by the pimples that occasionally popped up on my face, or how I always felt out of place because of body. Someone every year believes I play football because of my height and weight, only to have their face change into slight sadness when I tell them i'm not. Embarrased because I played the guitar, thinking it would take me far in life but only making those around me view me as higher than them. And on the subject of high, I always got embarrased because I stayed away from drinkers and smokers;Midnight toker's with no ambitions or people that hit drugs hard with no rememberence of what happened the night before. I was basically "Green" or "A goody two shoes", and "boring". But I had a moment of clarity that made everything fall perfeclty into place. My race should not dictate where I live, my face and body was made perfectly by the almighty. I love to be associated with the universe thought one of the most incredible forms of expression, music. And if it makes you sick that I refuse to emit toxins into my body, stay sick. I now get a kick out those who hate on me because I am me. I am Flawless.

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