Letter to HipHop

You are the beat that keeps my heart singing


Your music bumps so loud and When you are near me my heart feel the vibrations 


Your words flow like a river 


And your touch is like the warm water it holds


I would stay in it all day because it soothes my aches and pains 


But I know you must leave me and let someone else hear your music


Hip Hop you are my first love 


I know I can always depend on my first love 


I wish you knew you could depend on me too


And I ask myself why must i love Hip Hop and not R&B but myself tells me to ask my heart 


After so many years of hearing your music 


Different genre


Different composers 


Different melodies


Different words 


I still have the same feeling I feel 


Hip hop you changed my world I thought I could never love 


But as the title of my favorite song is said by your adoring fans 


My smile, not only in the inside but on the outside as well, grows huge


Damn I know this is love 


I wish to feel the real you and not only to hear you through a song 


I wish i could fall asleep feeling vibrations from your music in my heart 


Someone once told me if you can’t go a day without thinking about something don’t give up on it


And I can’t go a minute thinking of what song i should play next


So why even through my frustrations of waiting I would give up on HipHop 


But my brain says its bad for my ears 


It will only in the long run continue to pull your heart in and then stop playing its music 


No longer providing the vibrations for your heart that you love 


Hip Hop will yet again go to another genre and fall in love with it


And you will be left with no music to fulfill your human needs


Why must I love you HipHop 




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