Have you turned on the radio lately?

Have you heard beyond the top 40?

Have you heard this shit they call music?

Aren’t tired of hearing 'shorty'?

I’m tired of the same beat

From the same street

They call "ghe-tto"

Like they know what they’re talking about

With their ‘Two Chains’ and Fat Hoes

Are you serious?

Could you say something please?

Put words together that mean something please?

Do me a favor and use 'ignorant' in the proper context

Say something that makes sense

Say something that would tell me a story

Tell me something that I can relate to

Not how many bitches you got or how your comma dollar watch is all diamonds and blue

I don’t care about black and ‘yell-a’

Or how you are cool with your gang or you murdered a 'fella'.

Making up scores with poorly written metaphors

All I hear is how uneducated you sound.

And this isn’t a racist rant like some people might take it

I can wear a hat sideways and fake it

Just as easily.

I understand evolution in music

And no I’m not Mozart

But I’m just tired of this crap they call ‘art’

It means nothing

But you get a billion dollars for making a fart

on a track.

I don’t relate to you.

I don’t even respect you.

Because you talk down to me

When you say the same course over and over and over and over

Consider it a plea

Speak words, not noise,

Do it again for another 8 figures and see if I care.

Your dumbing me down

Your making me sick

We're going to drown

Someone save us quick

From the sea media monsters

That think if they say Colt 45 or Lamborghini

That they have our attention.

What happened the poetry that was once called



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