I Dream for the Reality


Closing my eyes, 

I dream.

I dream of my future.

What does the future have in store for me?

I can only hope that it involves



A music producer, 

helping artists create an album

for the world to listen to.

That's what I want to do.


Music speaks to me. 

It brings joy to my life.

It would make my dream, 

become a reality.







That's what I need.

That's what I need to be.

That's how I will achieve my dream.


Since I can remember, 

music has always been a 

part of me.

It has always been there.

I understand the flow, 

the rhytmn, 

the tempo, 

the lyrics, 

the pace, 

the style, 

the soul, 

the drive.

It has become another language for me.


When I close my eyes, 

I get carried away.

Thinking about myself in the studio, 

with other talented musicians.

It makes me want more.

I want it all.

The good, the bad. 

The inbetween.

Music is what I want to do.

Sharing my musical ideas with the world, 

is just an amazing dream that I would put my all into to become true.


I dream. 

I dream for my dream, 

to become a reality.




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